Teuluoedd yn Dysgu Gyda'i Gilydd

Rydyn ni’n cynnig amrywiaeth o weithdai hwyliog, am ddim mewn lleoliadau amrywiol ledled Caerdydd ar gyfer teuluoedd, i ddatblygu sgiliau gyda’i gilydd mewn lleoliad pleserus a braf.

The Families Learning Together Project at CAVC aims to engage a large number of families and foster positive attitudes towards education. The Families Learning Together team deliver bespoke courses and workshops designed to take families on an exciting learning journey together.

In addition to providing parents with an understanding of how to support their children with the primary curriculum there is an opportunity to gain a qualification. Also, as part of the course parents become college students and enjoy a visit to the college where they find out more about CAVC and further learning opportunities.

For more information please contact the Families Learning Together Team