Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales

Develop skills for your future, at university and in employment

From September 2023, a new qualification, the Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales, will replace the existing Welsh Baccalaureate. All A Level students at CAVC, apart from those following the Scholars Programme, will study the Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales alongside their A Level subjects.

This brand-new qualification is equivalent to an additional A Level in size and the UCAS points you can achieve through taking it. It develops your wider skills for university study and employment including integral skills of critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, planning and organising and personal effectiveness.

The programme is delivered by our team of specialist staff, and you work collaboratively and on your own over three projects. With the overall aim to grow effective, responsible and active citizens, you have a choice of topics and flexibility in how you produce each project.

Whatis the advanced skills baccalaureate Wales?

  • A recognised qualification to prepare students for university study and employment.
  • Undertake three projects – with choice around the topic you pick and how you present your three projects.
  • Equivalent to an additional full A Level and worth up to 56 UCAS points.
  • A great way to boost your UCAS points whilst developing wider skills for university, your personal statement and your CV.

What I’ve enjoyed the most about my time at College has been how much I have grown. I’ve learnt more than I ever could have anywhere else. I’ve been given loads of opportunities to try new things and I’ve made new friends – it’s given me so much more confidence. An achievement that really stood out for me was being a part of the Jason Mohammad Journalism Academy, I made podcasts, TV shows and radio broadcasts in Welsh and English. I’d never even thought about working in the media before – I’ve found a passion I never knew I had.

Ffion Llewellyn
ALevels (Business, Geography, Art with Welsh Baccalaureate). Now on an Apprenticeshipwith BBC Cymru Wales.
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