Our A Level Scholars Programme

Our Scholars Programme is an excellent opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and support to succeed at top-level universities.

Our Aim

Our Scholars programme is designed for learners who show academic excellence and want to broaden their learning beyond the confines of the traditional A-Level curriculum. We provide support in the university admissions process and will equip you with the skills, opportunities and knowledge to succeed at elite universities across the world. 

What is the Scholars Programme?

Our Scholars Programme is designed for learners who wish to study A Levels at Cardiff and Vale College who have demonstrated academic excellence in their GCSEs (typically 4+ A grades). Learners will complete the WJEC Extended Project Qualification alongside their other studies. This qualification is the equivalent of half an A level. This course will be completed as an alternative to the Welsh Baccalaureate.

What is the WJEC Extended Project Qualification?

WJEC EPQ is a rigorous programme of study that prepares students with the knowledge and skills they need for university. All courses are designed to develop in-depth subject knowledge, research skills, and the ability to work independently.

By completing the WJEC Extended Project Qualification syllabus we are able to place learner’s academic specialisation in a practical, real-world context, being a seminar-based opportunity to research and explore a range of issues challenging people across the globe. Developing critical/analytical, research, and problem-solving skills essential to higher education, students learn to place their personal perspectives in a global context, finding new inspiration and challenges across their A-Level studies.

The EPQ involves learners planning, organising, researching and writing a 5,000-word dissertation on a topic of their choice. This can be linked to their university choice or in a field of personal interest aligned to their studies. This extended component allows learners to develop their skills and university application to be the best that it can be. Alongside this learners will gain extra support in applying for Oxbridge and Russell Group establishments.

Our Partners

We work in partnership with the Seren Network to provide the best support for our learners. 
The Seren Network is a Welsh Government funded network which aims to:

  • Inspire students about their future career aspirations
  • Stretch and challenge students in the subjects they enjoy
  • Link students with leading UK universities, providing information and advice
  • Provide information on university summer schools, workshops and other activities across the UK  
  • Provide advice on completing UCAS applications and interviews
  • Support schools and teachers to provide the best advice and activities for their high-achieving students

Need more information? Get in contact with our tutors.

Matthew Eggerton, Scholars AS Tutor - MEggerton@cavc.ac.uk 

Emma Williams, Scholars A2 Tutor - EWilliams@cavc.ac.uk

How do I study on the Scholars Programme?

To study on the Scholars Programme you need to be studying A Levels at Cardiff and Vale College. Once you have applied you will receive a date for interview which will give you the opportunity to show your interest in studying on the Scholars Programme. 

We strive to ensure all of our A Level students achieve their maximum potential, although there are limited spaces on the Scholars Programme, so please let us know as soon as you are interested in joining.