Travel passes and petrol allowance

If you are on a full-time course (more than 12-hours per week) and live more than 3 miles away from campus, then an annual admin fee could secure free travel for the entire academic year* for eligible learners. The college has contracts with Cardiff Bus, Transport for Wales, New Adventure Travel and First Cymru, and learners can have a pass from any one of these companies, to travel from their main home address to the campus where they study their full-time course; please use this link to determine the best mode of transport for you to travel to college if you are unsure:

Please note that travel passes cannot be changed midway through terms, so please ensure that you chose the most appropriate travel pass to complete your journey to and from college.

The post codes for the individual sites can be found here.

*learners who withdraw or transfer to an ineligible course will have their travel pass cancelled.

FCF-eligible over 19 learners who are studying full time and live more than 3 miles away from their main campus, can be awarded a petrol allowance. The amount awarded depends on the distance between your home address and main campus, and also the amount of days you are timetabled to be in college.