Top Tips

Here are some ‘Top Tips’ on looking after you and links you may find useful.

Below are some suggestions on tried and tested techniques which may help promote emotional wellbeing, being kind to yourself and staying well, particularly during difficult times.

  • Talking – this could be to a friend, family member or trusted adult. Some of the below links have online chat facilities, freephones and text services.
  • Physical Activity – anything that raises the heart rate, gets your blood pumping and releases endorphins (happy hormones). Lots of people find activity a great way to get rid of feelings of anger and frustration and take their mind of worries.
  • Fresh Air – being outside can really lift your mood, you could go for a walk, kick a ball, visit the beach, walk the dog, watch the sunset, the list is endless!
  • Get Creative – Colouring, drawing, writing a poem, story, lyrics, letter etc. What you produce doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s the process of sitting down, focussing on a task and being calm that helps.
  • Look after you! – enjoy some quiet time, this could be reading a book, having a bath, cooking a nice meal, listening to music, watching your favourite film. Sometimes its hard to make time to nurture ourselves but you will feel better once you do. 

Useful Links for learners: