Welsh Government launches Anti-Racism Curriculum modules for the further education sector

15 Jun 2023

The Welsh Government has this week launched landmark Anti-Racist Curriculum modules for the further education sector.

In 2022 the Welsh Government announced that it was committed to ensuring Wales will be an anti-racist country by 2030 – the first country to make this commitment. A key part of its Anti-Racist Wales Action plan has been to develop an anti-racist further education curriculum.

The curriculum is in the form of a metaverse – the first anti-racist virtual world. This innovative development, led by Cardiff and Vale College on behalf of the Welsh Government, provides an accessible and immersive learning experience developed and produced in collaboration with ethnic minority experts from schools, colleges, universities and third parties.

As the first nation to invest in an anti-racist further education curriculum, the project has also seen a growing base of international collaborators and education experts.

The metaverse – www.antiracism.wales – has been developed in partnership with MX Reality. It contains four key areas where users can have engaging experiences, including hearing the lived experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic people, resources across a range of subject areas. It will also feature a World Timeline, the first of its kind, providing a timeline of history that is “unfiltered” adding breadth and depth to the traditional curriculum.

The materials will cover a range of levels and subjects appropriate for learners in all further education institutions in Wales. The metaverse is a unique resource with global relevance and possibilities for learners worldwide.

The Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles, said: “An inclusive curriculum benefits everyone, of every background and ethnicity.

“That’s why I’m so pleased to support the new anti-racist curriculum modules for the further education sector.

“This flagship project will our young people and all our citizens to grow, thrive and understand one another, a crucial step towards our anti-racist Wales ambition.”

Cardiff and Vale College Principal Sharon James said: “Cardiff and Vale College is at the heart of the most vibrant and diverse region of Wales and we are strongly committed to an anti-racist agenda. We are proud to lead this unique and innovative investment in the Welsh curriculum.

“This Anti-Racist Curriculum is an important first step but the work does not stop here. With the vision of and investment from the Welsh Government we can continue to build on this excellent opportunity with wider partners and collaborators from all sectors, to further develop resources and widen the audiences using this.”