Cardiff and Vale College tutor Kerri wins Inspire! Tutor Award for her hard work and dedication

20 Mar 2023

Cardiff and Vale College Project SEARCH tutor Kerri Ince has won an Inspire! Tutor Award for her hard work and dedication to her learners.

Awarded by the Learning and Work Institute Wales, Inspire! Tutor Awards recognise the valuable work of tutors and mentors in supporting lifelong learning across Wales.

Kerri works with Project SEARCH learners based at Dow Silicones in Barry. Project SEARCH is an international initiative that began in the USA more than 20 years that aims to provide people with additional learning needs with employment opportunities – such as internships with companies like Dow Silicones.

Helping learners develop their employability skills, Kerri has supported 64 managers and mentors working with more 70 interns at Dow and Cardiff University since the College joined Project SEARCH. She has also had to overcome personal challenges including a cancer diagnosis, but is post-treatment now.

Kerri strives to be a role model for all her learners, by creating a learning environment that meets individual’s needs which require various aids and adaptations that are stimulating, inspiring, practical, and true to life.

“I am immensely proud and feel very privileged to work with colleagues who respect me and see the work that I do,” Kerri said. "This highlights the importance that I have in the world of so many that I teach and support, and I will continue to do so.”“

Cardiff and Vale College Principal Sharon James said: “Congratulations Kerri! The work you do as part of Project SEARCH is so valuable and life-changing for so many young people means that you are an extremely deserving winner of this award.”