Cardiff and Vale College student Ffion wins award for her outstanding commitment to the Welsh language

23 Jun 2022

Ffion Llewellyn, an A Levels student at Cardiff and Vale College, has won a CAVC Award for her Outstanding Commitment to the Welsh Language.

CAVC is proud of its Welsh heritage and decided to create this special award to celebrate the Welsh language and culture and to reward learners who show their commitment to it. The award is sponsored by Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

Ffion, who is 18 and from Rogerstone near Newport, was chosen as this year’s winner of the award for the excellent commitment to the Welsh language she has shown during her time at the College.

She first joined CAVC’s Welsh Ambassador scheme in 2021 and has always been full of enthusiasm and ideas to raise the profile of the Welsh language across the College in a fun and engaging way – despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic. She set up weekly coffee mornings for the CAVC Welsh learners’ club and has taken a lead on the Learn Welsh TikTok account and has taken part in Welsh language wellbeing podcasts and broadcasts as part of the College’s Jason Mohammad Media Academy.

Ffion has also represented CAVC on S4C, discussing podcasts and how they effective they are on young people.

“I feel really good about winning the Outstanding Commitment to the Welsh Language Award,” Ffion said. “I didn’t really even expect to be nominated, let alone win it.

“It will mean a lot to my family as they’re Welsh speakers, so that means a lot to me as well.”

Ffion, who went to a Welsh medium school and has a Welsh-speaking family, believes CAVC’s support for bilingualism is vital.

“I feel it’s really important that the College promotes the Welsh language,” she said. “Coming from a Welsh speaking high school I thought I’d feel a bit lost with only knowing Welsh terminology but I’ve been able to join Welsh speaking clubs and do some of my subjects through the Welsh language.”

Speaking of her time at CAVC and involvement in its Welsh Ambassador scheme and Welsh language clubs, Ffion said:

“What I’ve enjoyed the most about my time at College has been how much I have grown. I’ve learnt more than I ever could have anywhere else.
“I’ve been given loads of opportunities to try new things like media and different art styles. I’ve made new friends and I’ve started clubs and reached out to new people that want to talk about wellbeing or about music – it’s given me so much more confidence.”

One opportunity during her time at CAVC that Ffion enthusiastically took up was the Jason Mohammad Academy. Run with radio and television present – and CAVC alumni – Jason Mohammad, the Academy gives students the chance to learn broadcasting and media skills alongside their usual course.

“An achievement that really stood out for me was working with Jason Mohammad in the Academy,” Ffion explained. “I’d never thought about working in the media before, but I decided to give it a go.

“Since then I’ve made podcasts, TV shows and radio broadcasts – some of them live. I’ve read off an autocue and I’ve done these things in Welsh and English. It’s one of my biggest achievements I’ve had at the College.”

Ffion aims to progress on to study Illustration at university, but the Jason Mohammad Academy has also opened her eyes to the possibility of a career in the media.

“I’ve always loved art and I would love to keep that as part of my life,” she said. “However, after doing the Jason Mohamad Academy, I’d really enjoy anything to do with the media; public speaking, podcasts, TV or radio shows. So, I’ve applied for a couple of media apprenticeships as well to get a foot in the door of that industry because I have found a passion I never knew I had.

“The College has definitely helped me achieve my goals. There’s always someone there to talk to any time I’ve ever had any problems – and my tutors have been more like friends and my tutorial teacher is really lovely.

“And I think that by doing the clubs I think it’s made more people reach out to other people, so even if you don’t want to reach out to tutors, you reach out to each other – it’s a nice community to have.”

Cardiff and Vale College Principal Sharon James said: “Congratulations Ffion! At Cardiff and Vale College we celebrate the Welsh language and culture and Ffion’s work in helping us do that has been brilliant this year.

“We are proud to be Welsh and believe everyone has the right communicate with us and learn with us in Welsh. This is why we are so pleased to give Ffion this award for her outstanding commitment – it’s our way of celebrating members of the CAVC Family who have excelled with their Welsh language skills.”