Cardiff and Vale College wins Careers Development Award for the quality advice and support it gives to learners

2 Nov 2022

Cardiff and Vale College’s Careers and Ideas team has won a Careers Development Award (post 16) for its commitment to continually improving the quality of advice and support it gives to its learners.

Awarded by Careers Wales, the award is designed to meet the Welsh Government’s statutory entitlement for Careers and the World of Work (2008) for 11 to 19-year-olds in Wales.

Careers Wales Careers and World of Work Co-ordinator Steve Lester said: “Congratulations to Rebecca and her team at Cardiff and Vale college, for gaining the Careers Development Award (post 16). This award has been specifically designed by Careers Wales to recognise an educational establishment’s commitment to continuous quality improvement.

“Cardiff and Vale College, in partnership with Careers Wales, focused on a number of areas including, learners Career awareness and readiness for transitions, and how learners’ self-esteem and motivation levels can be improved. Working together, Cardiff and Vale College and Careers Wales have established a robust partnership that will continue from the foundations established, helping learners to play an active part in becoming fully engaged citizens and Wales and the Welsh economy.”

Cardiff and Vale College Principal Sharon James said: “Well done to the Careers and Ideas team! At CAVC we are committed to providing the very best opportunities for our learners to grow and develop through real and not just realistic experiences, and our Career Coaches with their breadth of expertise in providing advice and support from information through to work experience to helping learners start up their own business, continue to improve upon what they offer.”