Diploma in Web Application Development (PLA)

L5 Level 5
Part Time
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PLA: This course is free for employed adults eligible for a Personal Learning Account (PLA). To see if you could be eligible for a PLA go to www.cavc.ac.uk/PartTimeFunding - For a full list of PLA courses go to www.cavc.ac.uk/PLA

About this course

Code Institute delivers this programme through their digital learning platform.
It is an ideal pathway for anyone seeking a flexible way of gaining job-ready skills in software development.
The qualification was developed to meet the industry demand for the growing number of software and web application development roles. It’s a career-focused qualification awarded by Gateway Qualifications and is designed in consultation with an industry advisory council of companies in the tech sector. 
Over 90% of graduates are employed within six months of qualifying.

The qualification aims to develop:

  • knowledge and skills in the design, development and testing of code solutions to information processing problems
  • competence in the application of frameworks and code libraries to optimise the production and testing of code solutions
  • knowledge and understanding of systems for storing data and acquire skills in accessing and integrating data from various sources
  • knowledge of the characteristics of user interfaces and implementing solutions that meet user requirements
  • competence in the deployment of secure web-based information systems
  • competence in working in a team managing a project to deliver a coding solution.

This FREE course is only available to adults that are eligible for a Personal Learning Account (PLA). Personal Learning Accounts, funded by the Welsh Government, are available to employed adults living in Wales that wish to develop skills to progress or change career. 
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What you will study


  • User Centric Front-End Development Learners build a front-end web application. They understand the principles of responsive design, documentation and effective layout of content.
  • Interactive Front-End They develop a dynamic, interactive front-end web application and understand user input and control when interacting with a web application. They also learn the principles of testing and debugging.
  • Back-End Development As part of the back-end web development learners gain an understanding of data storage, data management and using relational and database functionality.
  • Full Stack Frameworks with Django Learners use frameworks, APIs, automated testing, persistent storage, user authentication and ecommerce functionality to complete the build.

Delivered online via a learning platform 
The course is delivered online with a flexible learning schedule. However, you must be able to commit to the average weekly commitment of 15 hours per week for up to one year for successful completion.
Learners benefit from a generous allocation of resources and support for the course duration and beyond. Platform, content, and community support are available around the clock to all learners. Tutor support is available on-demand through the learning platform. Individual mentors also provide coaching and guidance for success in project development. The Code Institute careers team caps the experience with skills, insights, and referrals to help graduates land their first developer job.

Assessment is via 4 Projects
The course focuses on the practical build of an application and includes four milestone projects to assess the learners progress at the end of each module. The college evaluates the project work. Learners must pass every project to achieve the final award.

Entry requirements

Prior to applying for this course, you need to complete Code Institute's Coding Challenge. If you have already completed it, you do not need to take it again. Click here to start your Coding Challenge: https://codeinstitute.net/5-day-coding-challenge Candidates who complete the challenge will submit a personal statement to Code Institute and undertake an interview with their admissions team to determine suitability for enrolment. The final phase of the admissions process requires applicants to demonstrate their capabilities with Javascript. Your admissions advisor will provide guidance. This programme of study requires candidates to keep pace with the programme, investing ~13 hours of study per week. The Code Institute academic team will monitor progress throughout the course and may offboard learners who do not keep pace with the programme of study.  

Important points

  • The College welcomes contact with parents/guardians of students who are under 18.
  • Additional support is available for students with learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • Cardiff and Vale College is committed to inclusion and values diversity. We are determined to promote equality of opportunity and to treat everyone fairly and with respect.
  • Cardiff and Vale College reserves the right to make changes to this course without prior notice.
  • Course fees are subject to change. Your fee will be confirmed prior to enrolment.
  • All courses are accurate at the time of upload or print.
  • Courses can only run if there are sufficient numbers.
  • Please note, if you choose three or more course choices, then you may be referred for a careers appointment first. This does not apply to A Level or GCSE choices.
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PLA: This course is free for employed adults eligible for a Personal Learning Account (PLA). To see if you could be eligible for a PLA go to www.cavc.ac.uk/PartTimeFunding - For a full list of PLA courses go to www.cavc.ac.uk/PLA

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Gateway Qualifications Level 5 Diploma in Web Application Development



Career prospects & further study


The Cardiff Capital Region has a thriving digital cluster with projections of 6,000 additional jobs by 2025, amounting to 28% growth (EMSI 2019).