Financial Support for full-time HE students

What's available?
There is a range of financial support available to you while you are studying. This include loans (which you have to pay back) and grants/bursaries (which you don’t). What support you’ll get depends on your course, where you live and are studying and your household income.

Key Facts

  • The majority of students won’t pay anything up front
  • Universities and Colleges can charge a maximum of £9,250 per year in tuition fees.
  • Students studying their first HE course, who are a UK national or have settled or pre-settled status in the UK under the EU settlement scheme and who normally live in Wales can get a Tuition Fee Loan up to a maximum of £9,250. The Tuition Fee Loan isn’t based on your household income. 
  • In addition you can get Maintenance support (help with living costs). Eligible students living away from home (outside London) can get £10,710 per year, made up of a mix of grant and loan.
  • The amount of grant you’ll get depends on your household income. (For more detail see table below)
  • Students do not have to pay anything back until they are in employment, earning over the repayment threshold of £524 a week, or £2,274 a month.
  • If you’ve studied a HE course before, it’s important that you understand it might affect your eligibility for support. Please refer to and the section on Previous Study Rules. 

The table below shows how household income determines the amount of maintenance grant you get. All students get a minimum of £1,000 with a loan available to top you up to the full amount.

Household income

Living with your parents

Living away from home, studying outside London

Living away from home, studying in London


Maintenance Loan


Maintenance Loan


Maintenance Loan

£18,370 or less




























£59,200 or more











Full details of all financial support, how and when to apply can be found on the Student Finance Wales website

Living outside Wales?

Students living outside Wales can find information on funding and application processes via the following links