Childcare Centre

Childcare Centre

Cardiff and Vale College Childcare Centres ensure that all boys and girls are cared for in a nurturing environment and given the opportunity, encouragement and individual recognition to enable them to reach their full potential.

Onsite childcare centre – Colcot Road

This centre offers facilities for children aged between six/12 weeks to five years, who are cared for by experienced and qualified staff. The Centre offer a wide range of activities to suit all ages and stages of development. All activities are conducted in English, although there is an aim to introduce some basic Welsh words and phrases into the children’s learning.

Parents/carers are encouraged to work in partnership with staff

Parents/carers are able to discuss all aspects of their childs care and development at the Childcare Centres and are always welcome to visit during the day or telephone at anytime. It is recognised that parents/carers wishes are of the utmost importance and therefore their interest and participation is encouraged.

Parent/carer participation is also encouraged in order to: 

  • Develop self esteem, self confidence and security
  • Develop appropriate attitudes for play and learning
  • Foster language skills and understanding in order for each child to experience a sense of achievement
  • Develop creativity, imagination and understanding of their environment
  • Foster positive and mutually supportive relationships between home and play facility
  • Meet the cultural, ethnic, dietary and any other needs of the children
  • Encourage curiosity and investigation
  • Provide a happy, comfortable, secure, safe, caring, stimulating and fun filled environment

The time your child spends with us will be rewarding, happy and enjoyable  

To find out more, please contact the Childcare Centre directly:

Childcare in the Vale

Nursery Manager: Deborah Baker
Tel: 01446 725028 
Email: (if you wish to study at a Vale site)