There are lots of different reasons why people choose to study a language at college.

Some study a language to help them get to university. Others want to learn a language for their career or because they want to move abroad. Many people however, choose to learn a language for themselves – for interest or to use each day.

As well as foreign languages, Cardiff and Vale College offers a wide range of Welsh courses. You could choose these to better your career prospects, keep up with your children, or simply because you want to learn our national language.

Most language courses are run in the evenings, so you can learn after work.

Languages offered in Cardiff and Vale College are:

  • French GCSE and A Level
  • German GCSE
  • Italian GCSE
  • Spanish GCSE and A Level
  • Sign Language (BSL)
  • Welsh for Adults only (AS Welsh via Partner Schools)

You can also study languages on a pc with or without coming to College via learndirect.

Cardiff and Vale College also offers welsh courses for adults in conjunction with Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Welsh for Adults Centre, School of Welsh, Cardiff University.