Welsh Provision and Support

Speak It

You’ve got it so don’t lose it! If you speak Welsh or are coming to College from a Welsh medium school, we encourage you to use your Welsh both in and out of lessons. There’s lots of support and you can choose to be assessed in Welsh whatever you are studying.

Bilingualism is key to the workplace, not just in Wales but around the world. CAVC will support and provide you with the opportunity to develop your Welsh skills for the world of work – this will be subject specific, giving you better employment opportunities.

Learn It

Learn Welsh and benefit your career prospects whatever you’re thinking of doing in the future. Welsh can open the door to more opportunities and more money.

We are growing our bilingual provision each year across lots of subjects. This means there are more opportunities for you to study bilingually, both in class and on work experience. Where there is a recognised industry need and demand we also deliver courses purely through the medium of Welsh.

Live It

We’re Welsh and proud! Wales might be small, but it’s mighty. We embrace our Welshness in our courses and in other fun stuff throughout the year. Keep an eye out for how you can get involved!

We have Welsh speaking tutors who are committed to delivering this. For more information about Welsh medium support and study: cymraeg@cavc.ac.uk

Enrolled learners looking for more detailed information on Welsh language opportunities and support can visit the Welsh area of the student portal.           

With the Welsh Language Standards, students have the right to the following, amongst other things: Correspondence in Welsh, submit written work in Welsh, support in Welsh. See www.welshlanguagecommissioner.wales/myrights for full details on what rights you have.