Coronavirus – Important information for students

Including information for Summer Term 2022 and Frequently Asked Questions.  

At Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) our top priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, students and community.

Update on college life from Summer Term 2022

From the start of the Summer Term, there is new guidance for all students at CAVC. Our guidance remains in line with Welsh Government and public health advice. 

Important guidance for all students from Summer Term 2022

Last updated 22.04.2022 

Please read the below guidance before coming to College this term. 
If you have any other questions about your course please speak to your teacher, or contact our Student Services team on campus or on the LiveChat icon at 

Coming to College
You should stay at home and not come to College if:

  • You are COVID-19 positive
  • You are unwell with COVID-19 symptoms
    • Stay home and take a test. Only come back to college if you have a negative test and do not feel unwell.
    • Email your Course Tutor to let them know why you are not able to come to college. 

If you cannot come to college for one of the above reasons, your teachers will link with you so you can learn at home during this time, if you are well enough. If you usually receive EMA, Free School Meals (FSM) or other financial support, it will not be affected and you will continue to receive this.

You can pick up a free LFT test-kit from college campus receptions. We recommend you keep a pack at home in case you have COVID-19 symptoms. You may also choose to take a test if someone in your household is COVID-19 positive. 

Your teachers will keep you up to date of any changes to your timetable. If any lessons move online we will let you know. Check your student email, Microsoft Teams and your MyCAVC app 
every day to stay up to date. Any questions? Contact your Course Tutor. 

Students who are more vulnerable to contagious illnesses 

If your health now, or in the future, means you are more vulnerable to contagious illnesses, including COVID-19, we will support you.
Where this is the case, we will work with you to assess your needs, and put in place an individual risk assessment where required to make sure appropriate measures are in place to support you at College.  
If you have any questions now, or in the future, you should contact you Course Tutor.

Day to day on campus

We have all developed habits that can help keep us and others safe from coronavirus and other infections, such as flu or norovirus. At CAVC our guidance is in line with Welsh Government and public health advice. When you are at college:

  • Physical distancing is not required, but you should always respect and allow other’s space in all you do.
  • Face coverings are not required anywhere at college, but remain recommended in crowded indoor public spaces to protect you and others. You can also wear one anywhere on campus if you wish. 
  • Good hygiene is important. 
    • Wash and sanitise hands regularly
    • Cover coughs and sneezes
    • Cleaning materials are available in rooms so you can clean keyboards and other equipment before and after use
  • Good ventilation is important. When indoors, let fresh air in where possible. Our automatic ventilation systems in buildings will also continue to be set to maximise ventilation and our staff regularly check ventilation.
  • Take additional precautions when in contact with vulnerable people. If possible, avoid being with them when you have any symptoms of a respiratory infection. 

We have thorough cleaning procedures across all sites. Please help to keep all classrooms and spaces tidy to assist with this. Please put all rubbish in bins.
Do not smoke or vape anywhere on a CAVC campus, including outside areas.

In lessons

All teaching spaces and activities have been risk assessed. If you need to follow set guidance your teachers will explain this to you.
Please follow all of the above guidance and behave responsibly on campus to keep you and our CAVC family safe. Our Learner Relationship Management procedure explains how we encourage everyone to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my lessons be on campus or online this Summer term?

Your lessons will follow your timetable this term. This term is all about completing your course and qualifications successfully. We are all here to support you. 
It is really important to spend as much time as possible with your teachers and other staff on campus when you can to benefit from their experience and expertise. The can help make sure you know what you need to do and what to focus on. 

If there are any changes to you timetable your teachers will keep you up to date. Check your Microsoft Teams and your MyCAVC app each day. Any questions? Contact your Course Tutor.

I have had a positive COVID-19 test – should I come to college for my lessons or exam?

No - you should stay at home and not come to College if you have a positive test.
Stay home and follow Welsh Government guidance 
Email your Course Tutor and copy in
Learners who are due to sit an exam can start testing on day three and four of their isolation period. If both tests are negative, and you feel well enough, you can come into college to sit an exam from day four after the initial positive test. This exemption was announced by the Welsh Government on 03/05/22.
It is really important to follow these steps to keep you and others safe. It is also important for us to know if you have an exam or assessment that day so we can ensure we have a record of this.
If you usually receive EMA, Free School Meals (FSM) or other financial support, your absence due to COVID-19 will not affect this and you will continue to receive this.

I’ve been in contact with someone who has had a positive COVID-19 test. Can I still come to College?

Yes, you can attend college. We recommend that if someone in your household is positive with COVID-19 that you take a test before coming to college if possible.

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