The Welsh Language

The Welsh Language at CAVC

Cardiff and Vale College is proud to be Welsh. Everyone has the right to communicate and receive services from us in Welsh and we are committed to providing that opportunity for our learners, employees and visitors.

The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 replaced the Welsh Language Act 1993 and as part of the new legislation, in Wales the Welsh language has equal legal status with English and must not be treated any less favourably. As a public body we no longer need to develop and implement a Welsh Language Scheme and must now comply with a set of Welsh Language Standards instead.

To find out more about the Standards that have been imposed on CAVC you can read our Final Compliance Notice below. This document outlines our duty, along with any exemptions and each standards implementation date.

Final Compliance Notice


How we comply with our Welsh Language Standards

You can find out how we comply with our Welsh Language Standards in the document below

CAVC Welsh Language Standards Compliance


Our Annual Report

As part of the Standards we are required to produce an Annual Report (no later than 6 months after the end of our Financial Year), that provides information required by the Welsh Language Commissioner on how we have complied and met certain Standards.

CAVC Welsh Language Standards Annual Report 01.04.18 - 31.07.18

What if you think we are not fulfilling our duty?

We will endeavour to comply with our standards entirely and to provide a comprehensive service to anyone choosing to communicate with us or access our services through the medium of Welsh. We’re sorry if we do slip up though and would like you to tell us if you feel we haven’t fulfilled our duty as set out in the standards so that we can take steps to put it right.

You can find out more about the process we have in place to deal specifically with any complaint by clicking here

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