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2 April 2012

Young people team up to give Cardiff and Vale College a money management makeover

A team of 16 to 24 year old students from Cardiff and Vale College have held a Fashion Show to show students how to dress for an interview on a £25 budget at the College’s Parade Hall. Cardiff and Vale College used this event as a fun and creative way for students to share their money management skills and build links with the local community.  

The team ran the event to enter the Money for Life Challenge - a new, national competition that provides a fun way for students in further education, and their communities, to develop vital money management skills. The team has been placed in the ‘Highly Commended’ category by the judges and will showcase their project at the Wales final on the 4th April where they will be in the running for the ‘People’s Prize’ voted by the audience on the day.   

Matthew Moyle, 21, a Retail Knowledge Level 2 student at Cardiff and Vale College and one of the team members, said: “We’re thrilled about how the event went and hope that people came away with better knowledge on how to spend wisely.  We really wanted to make sure that we could help people improve their money management skills in order to make a difference in their lives. The event was a fun way to pass on our money management skills and hopefully it will be good enough to win us the People’s Prize.”

There is extremely valuable help available for CV writing and interviewing techniques but the students wanted to work with young people on their personal presentation skills, to demonstrate that it is possible dress for an interview on a budget of £25. The students felt this would work well due to the current employment climate and dispel the myth that dressing for an interview is expensive, highlighting the value for money that can be found on the high street. The students are aware of the current difficulty in securing employment and the high importance of presenting themselves professionally for an interview. They felt that this project could make the difference for young people whether they are able to secure a job in bleak times. 

“Juggling the demands on your money is challenging for everyone. More than ever, being good at managing your money is one of the most important skills that you’ll learn. So, whether you’re earning it, saving it or borrowing it, it helps to have some inside knowledge so you can make the best choices – right now and for your future.  We hope that this project will not only benefit our students, but also the community as well” said Louise Lane, project sponsor of the Money for Life Challenge team from Cardiff and Vale College. 

Sarah Porretta, Head of the Money for Life Programme at Lloyds Banking Group said: “Money for Life aims to equip a generation of learners with the skills they need to better manage their money in order to realise their lifetime goals.  Teams up and down the UK will be taking part in the Money for Life Challenge and I’m really looking forward to hearing more about the projects and understanding how they’ve helped local communities”.