Surge in CILEx enrolments at Cardiff and Vale College continues after strongest results yet

1 November 2016

Surge in CILEx enrolments at Cardiff and Vale College continues after strongest results yet

2015/16 was a ground breaking year for the CILEx provision at Cardiff and Vale College. The year started with the move to a newly constructed campus with world class facilities, the largest intake of CILEx students yet and the addition of 5 specialist tutors.

The addition of new tutors contributed to not only a wider choice of study options, but also the strongest results achieved to date.  2016 saw more distinctions than any three previous years combined.  The results of CILEx students at Cardiff and Vale College were so much higher than elsewhere that they had an impact on the national average pass rates themselves.  In some units CAVC students’ results caused national averages to rise by as much as 7%.

In turn, the results have led to a greater proportion of CILEx students progressing and therefore returning to complete their studies.  Subsequent to the above results, in Autumn 2016 the number of students progressing increased by 24%, while the number of new CILEx students enrolling increased by 6.5%.

This rise has led to the further addition of a further three new tutors in 2016, adding their expertise and a further three CILEx units added as study options for CAVC students in 2016.

CILEx members working in and around Cardiff have benefitted from the growth in study options and new facilities.  Cardiff and Vale College’s new purpose built campus was part funded by the Welsh Government, offering new facilities to students including air conditioned classrooms, a library which includes access to the latest recommended textbooks during the day and the evenings, a rooftop restaurant, a gym and even a spa.

The rise in enrolments is also attributable to the fact that Cardiff Central Station very close to the college, which has assisted a growing number of students travelling from Bristol and Swansea.  Sharon Gilfillian made a 45 minute journey each week to the College:

“Cardiff and Vale College is one of the three CILEX Study Centres which I attended over the past couple of years in order to complete my Level 6 Diploma, having commuted from Bristol to Cardiff by train on a 45 minute journey, one day a week.

"I found that my lecturers were very supportive and that their main objective was for their students to succeed. I was particularly impressed by the way the CILEX courses were organised from the start and delivered professionally to a high academic standard. 

"As a student I felt valued and privileged to be studying at Cardiff and Vale College and I would like to emphasise that Cardiff and Vale College has been the best of the three CILEX course providers that I have studied with by far.”

A similar trend has been noticed in the number of CILEx distance learning enrolments, studying with Cardiff College Online.  In the last six months the number of enrolments to study CILEx by distance learning has increased by 56%.

Many students choose to study some units in evening classes and others by distance learning with Cardiff College Online.  This often provides students the ability to attend college for revision sessions and face to face training on pre-release case studies.  Last year this extra support made a difference to many students, including Danielle Scarvaglieri:

“I initially opted for distance learning for my final CILEx module. Whilst the support I received from my tutor online was very helpful, I missed the interaction of a classroom environment and struggled to pass the module. I then joined the in-college course at Cardiff and Vale College. I really feel that joining the class helped me pass my exam.

"I'm extremely grateful to the College for the opportunity. I'm now happily waiting to start my final year of qualifying work so as to qualify as a CILEx Fellow!”

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