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9 April 2013

Scandinavian students share Cardiffian culture with CAVC

Two groups of students from Norway and Finland have visited Cardiff and Vale College to learn about British culture as part of the Comenius exchange programme.

The two-year project is based on identity and culture in Europe. As part of their programme the students visited Parliament and worked on a project around Cardiff where they visited places of interest, museums and the Senedd building.

John Fleten, a teacher at the Bergen Handelsgymnasium in Norway which is part of the exchange scheme, said: “It’s been very interesting and it’s been great for our students to actually travel to Finland and Wales, meeting people their own age and spending time with their families.

“For many of them this is their first real step away from home. From a teacher’s point of view it’s also interesting to learn about all of the differences in the different education systems.”

Hanna-Leena Manderson, who teaches English to Finnish school pupils at Uusikaupunki Lukio, added: “It’s really good and it’s important for the students. I teach in a very small town and for some of the students it is their first time abroad.

“The students get to spend time with a family abroad and this is a very different experience for them – they get a whole different experience of the culture than they would if they just came here on holiday. The students will all take away with them new experiences and meeting new people –they meet a range of people and where they live back home is a bit homogenous so meeting different people is hugely beneficial.”

Programme Area Leader for A Levels Barbara Connell has visited the schools in Norway and Finland as part of the initiative.