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11 March 2013

Reinventing Welsh national dress with Cardiff and Vale College

Fashion students from Cardiff and Vale College have brought a new twist to Welsh national costume with their window displays at the Oxfam Boutique on St Mary’s Street in Cardiff.

The Level 3 Fashion students were set a task to reinterpret Welsh national dress in January. They researched traditional Welsh costume, went on a fact finding visit to the St Fagans National History Museum and learned traditional techniques such as weaving and feltmaking.

A much wider range of colours was used in the traditional costume than is today, so the students drew upon this for their inspiration. They used mixed check in their modern day designs, including a blue check that was used in the 18th Century.

The students used recycled clothes from Oxfam, which also tied in to the College’s Freetrade and Sustainability Festival that runs until March 10. The displays were up and ready in time for St David’s Day.

“The window designs were inspired around the theme of decadence and sophistication. The works shows a great sense of the evolving welsh lady and students thoroughly enjoyed the project and working with Oxfam boutique,” CAVC Programme Area Leader for Creative Design Lisa Tasker said.

“The response from the public has really helped increase their confidence and they have been proud to show friends and family. Oxfam have been so pleased with the response they are happy to make this an annual event for CAVC fashion students of the future!”

Oxfam Boutique Manager Becky Mann added: “I think the students’ work has been fantastic. It’s always nice to see what the students come up with using what is essentially our waste. I was really very pleased to see their work and I was impressed with all the effort that had gone into it.”