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8 December 2016

Public Services students at Cardiff and Vale College team up to road-test bulletproof vests

Public Services students at Cardiff and Vale College have taken part in two simulations – a vehicle check point and an emergency services response to a road traffic accident.

The Police Assistance and Multi Emergency Response simulations at the College’s Barry Campus were designed to test the students newly learned team working skills in a public service environment.  

As part of their unit two programme of study the Level 2 students have been discovering what makes the Public Services so successful when working in teams and what that exactly entails. Each simulation was designed by the students who assigned roles, made scripts, researched key activities and they practiced and perfected each simulation over a number of weeks.  

The simulations were designed to allow for a "real life" approach to learning. Jordan Jones a current Level 2 student, said: "It was really enjoyable - everything what we have learnt the classroom has come to life. We all now have a better understanding of the ups and downs to working in teams, and what it takes to make the team successful in its objectives." 

The experience was given an extra sense of being vocationally realistic thanks to the kind donation of body armour from SafeGuard Clothing. SafeGuard is working with the College to support Public Services students and help them succeed. The College is one of the latest education institutions to receive a donation from SafeGuard as an emphasis on the importance of safety and protecting the lives of law enforcement and military operatives.  

"We are pleased to assist Cardiff and Vale College in the improvement of its Public Service courses and the donation of one of our bullet proof vests aims to expand on the learning experience of students," SafeGuard Clothing Communications Manager Thomas Bowman said. 

Known for its strong commitment to industry standards and innovative development, the brand works with the College in an attempt to promote awareness of students about industry best practices, safety equipment standards, mechanics, alongside operational use and issues. Such partnerships are greatly beneficial to our students as they provide access to an industry leader's expertise and technology advancement, enriching their learning experience.