Students on the Foundation Degree in Pop Music Technology practice in the Atrium, Cardiff

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23 March 2012

Music Students learn from the Pros

Students on the Foundation Degree in Pop Music Technology at Cardiff and Vale College have been getting advice from a recording artist with plenty of experience this year as number one selling artist Sian Evans has been working as a vocal performance coach on the course. Students will be performing alongside the singer at an information evening and showcase at Crane’s Music Store in Cardiff next week.

Sian has been working with the Pop Music Technology students since September 2010 when her old friend Simon Kingman, who is a tutor on the course, asked if she would like to get involved. Sian and Simon perform together as duo Melo Park, playing their original blend of guitar based acoustic music at festivals and gigs across Europe.

Thirty-eight-year-old Sian has had a music career spanning twenty years. She is the lead singer with the band Kosheen, best known for their hits Hide U and All in my head. Sian, who is originally from Caerphilly, has worked as a vocal coach for the last five years.

She explains “I began coaching privately at home when I was approached in Bristol by a few local vocalists.

“I now work with lots of artists from all over the world, helping with top line writing and studio sessions and getting the best vocal delivery from the artist.

“I’ve been working with the students since September 2010, coaching both the 1st and 2nd years on their chosen songs for the final performance exam. During this process I encourage the students to understand the working of the voice, breath control projection and expression.

“I work on scales and arpeggios including lots of exercises for vocal agility and stamina. We discuss vocal hygiene, warm-ups and I try and answer any questions on particular vocal problems.

“After working as a singer and songwriter for so many years I have plenty of experiences I can draw on in order to help my budding performers - on many levels!”

Sian is still very busy with her own singing career having had a number one hit last summer when she collaborated with DJ Fresh on the single Louder. The song was featured on a TV ad for Lucozade Lite and also won numerous awards including the Urban Music Award for best dance single and has been a worldwide hit. This led to a very busy year for Sian with a lot of touring, most recently around South East Asia and Australia.

She said: “The College has been very flexible; they understand my other commitments mean I may not be around all the time. I normally do two hours a week vocal training with the students, but if I’m not there one week we make it up the next week.”

Sian’s workload shows no signs of slowing down with Kosheen getting ready to release their 4th album Independence followed by a European tour.  “I am busy songwriting and enjoying every minute of working with my girls at the College. I can see and hear the development in their voices and performances and it proves to me that I have a good system. I think they are happy with me and we all get a great deal from the experience,” she said.  “I am looking forward to watching them go on to have great musical careers!”

The information evening at Crane’s Music Store will be held on 29th March from 6:30pm to 8pm and is open to anyone interested in studying a Music course at Cardiff and Vale College. The College will be showcasing talent on the night with performances from current and past students and course tutors.