Sandra Kubanska is now able to progress on to university after ganing a GCSE in Maths.

GCSE students get results at Cardiff and Vale College

21 August 2014

GCSE students get results at Cardiff and Vale College

More students are celebrating their GCSE results at Cardiff and Vale College today and getting ready to progress to A Levels or apply to university now that they have gained the qualifications they needed.

Nearly all of those who came to the College to study GCSEs passed all of their exams – a pass rate of 97% for grades A* to G. This year CAVC saw an increase in the number of students gaining A* and B grades.

A number of courses saw 100% pass rates including History and the sciences. All traditional GCSE language courses achieved 100% pass rates.

Last year, 18-year-old Thomas Maylia from Newport studies GCSE Maths, English, Human Physiology and BTEC Applied Science at CAVC. This year he returned and achieved As across the board in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

“I’m very proud,” Thomas said. “I wasn’t expecting such good results. Hopefully I can go on to do A Levels in Biology and Chemistry here at the College – I’m hoping to study Medicine if everything plays out right. It’s been really good at the College.”

Catherine Powell, 26 and from Cardiff, can now pursue her dream career as a primary school teacher after getting an A in Maths.

“I only needed a B in order to apply for a PGCE when I finish my degree next year so this is great news,” Catherine said. “A lot of people on my course were doing the same thing –getting the one qualification so they need to and apply to do PGCE.

“I will now apply to do the PGCE as I couldn’t before because I didn’t have GCSE Maths. I’m shocked at the result and I’m really pleased.

“I thought College was brilliant. I go to university and this place seems much better organized and the teachers are more supportive – the quality is better. My teacher managed to keep things fresh and interesting even when he’d been teaching for more than 12 hours – he’s been brilliant.”

Twins Owen Damien Moran moved to Spain at the age of 13 with their family. They went to an English school and they had one lesson of Spanish a week and moved back to Wales when they were 16 but struggled to get back into the British schooling system - they had done all the GCSE work, and revised but did not actually sat the exams.

After being out of education for a year and being home taught by their mum, at the age of 17 they came to CAVC last year to study Maths, English and BTEC Applied Science. They both achieved C, C, Merit – the highest grades that were possible for the foundation papers that they sat. This year the twins, who live in Barry, came back to do their GCSEs.

Damian got Bs in Biology, Maths and Physics higher and Cs in Chemistry and English Language.

 “I wish I’d got a B in Chemistry, which is a little bit disappointing but I’m ecstatic to get my higher level English Language C!” Damian said. “The higher is difficult, especially for someone like me who is dyslexic.

“I want to do my A Levels in Science, Chemistry and Biology then go on to a degree in science. I would like to work in clinical research.

“It’s been brilliant but it’s been different. It was unusual coming from a school in Spain to the College environment – they’re totally different things and the curriculum is different but it’s been a pretty good experience.”

Owen got three Cs and a D. “They’re not the results I was looking for,” he said. “I’m not laughing about them but them I’m not crying, either. I want to go on and do A Levels and study IT, going into computer programming or software development.”

Simona Cirafisi, 17 and from Cardiff, was celebrating achieving Cs in Media Studies, English Language and Citizenship.

“I’m actually really pleased – I thought I was going to do worse than I did,” Simona explained. “I’m hoping to come back to the College to do my A Levels so I will be coming back in tomorrow to enrol on A Level Media Studies and Film.

“I’ve enjoyed College, it’s been so much better than my school - there’s been more support.”

Sandra Kubanska is now able to progress on to university after the 22-year-old who lives in Cardiff gained a C in GCSE Maths.

 “I finished a college course in Travel & Tourism,” Sandra said. “I did Level 2 and 3 and then I decided to go to university to study International Travel Management. To do that I needed GCSE Maths. I’m really happy – it’s what I needed so I’m really excited. Coming back to college has been really useful for me.”