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11 September 2013

CILEx Civil Litigation and Law of Tort students at CAVC see 100% success rate

Students studying to be legal executives at Cardiff and Vale College achieved a 100% success rate last year – well above and beyond national averages.

The College runs Level 6 Higher Education (HE) courses to allow students to become Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). Students on the CILEx courses, including the Level 3 CILEx Professional Diploma in Law and Practice, which can help people progress on to HE Law courses or employment in a legal practice, have shown impressive results.

“All Level 6 Civil Litigation students passed their exam in June and are a step closer to Fellowship," CILEx Courses Coordinator Max Weedon said. “The result far exceeded national comparators, where only 66% passed. One student was in the 3% nationally that received distinctions, and five were in the 18% nationally that achieved merits.”

The student who received a Distinction was Kirsty, who works for Newlaw Solicitors.

"There are a number of colleges that offer the CILEx course and I am so happy that I choose to study at Cardiff and Vale," she said. "My tutor always takes the time to talk the class through the course material and he fully explains what we need to do. All of the work that I have submitted has been marked and returned to me with lots of constructive feedback within a few days.

"In addition my tutor was always available by email and if I ever needed any extra support he was more than willing to meet with me outside of class hours. I passed this year's exams and I am extremely happy with my grade but I don’t think I could have done it without the help and support that I received from my tutor at Cardiff and Vale College."  

Meanwhile, every student who sat the Level 6 Law of Tort passed, in comparison to the national figure of 59%.  The overall average for Level 6 CILEx student pass rates was 70.75%, more than 20% higher than the national comparator of 50%.

Level 3 CILEx Professional Diploma in Law and Practice students also performed well. Nearly 70% passed their course, while nationally the figure was 64.6%. Overall, CAVC student pass rates on both courses were 15% above the national average.

If you are interested in furthering your legal career, or are considering a change of direction and are considering the law as a profession, contact CAVC on 02920250418 or email MWeedon@cavc.ac.uk. The College is still enrolling for Level 6 courses through September and early October.