CAVC students raise funds for Children in Need

25 November 2015

CAVC students raise funds and the roof for Children in Need

Students at Cardiff and Vale College have raised nearly £1,500 for Children in Need through a variety of events.

ESOL students held a special coffee morning at the College’s Parade Hall. More than 200 students and staff gathered for a special presentation by Level 1 ESOL and Engineering students, competitions and games, raising £456.

Zena Liban, a student in Level 2 ESOL and Health and Social Care said: “The most important thing for me was that the event was organised for the benefit of children who need help. We were there to support them.”

And, following weeks of planning, rehearsals and ‘keeping the secret’, over 60 students were involved in an amazing ‘flashmob’ at the City Centre Campus.  Performers mingled with students in the atrium until… the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune was played. Couple by couple the Performing Arts students gathered on the makeshift dance floor and impeccably choreographed a huge crowd descended on every level of the college campus to watch the extravaganza.

Suddenly, who should appear but Pudsey Bear himself, who at first was taken aback by the crowds. Unbelievably, Pudsey then joined in the performance and did himself proud!

Pudsey also had one of his legs wax alongside other College staff and visited UBASPA Salon for a bit of a makeover. He then visited Bai Coffi for a relax and a cuppa. There were also a selection of cakes for sale and you could have your face painted too.

The whole event was filmed and photographed by students studying Foundation Degrees in Photography and the Creative Industries (Film and Media), and student Andy Wain produced the final film, which can be seen on the link below.

Andy said: "I was really keen to get involved with Children in Need as it's such a worthwhile cause. The preparation was really interesting, seeing all the effort that so many dancers were putting into making it happen, and then seeing how well the end result came together. From a personal point of view, I'm very keen to get as much experience making films as possible, and this has helped me learn a lot about co-ordination and the technical aspects of editing and production."

CAVC Inclusion and Participation Manager Wayne Carter added: “The students were absolutely amazing and fully got behind the fundraising event. It was fantastic to see students on different courses combining their skills to which, was ultimately a live brief for the event.  All their work will form part of their work related education and they along with staff raised over £800.00.”

The event was supported by Rubicon Dance who choreographed the performance and a special thanks to Pudsey Bear for finding time to visit the College and being such a STAR!

To view a video of the flashmob, filmed by CAVC students, click here.

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