Neverland at the New Theatre

15 December 2016

CAVC students create Neverland at the New Theatre

Art & Design students from Cardiff and Vale College have decorated the New Theatre with their own work to tie in with the theatre’s 2016 pantomime, Peter Pan.

The students were given a live brief to create the works in both 2D and 3D by the New Theatre and Arts Active Trust. Works included paintings, fairies in bottles, decorated pillars and clocks and are on display on all four floors of the theatre.

As part of their professional development for the live brief they visited Bay Productions, a company that provides dressing for opera, theatre, TV, events and the exhibition industry, with some students arranging work experience. They have also been working alongside scenic artist Leanne Cameron and Cardiff-based contemporary artist Becky Adams.

CAVC live briefs involve students being commissioned to work for external clients, giving them the opportunity to test and validate their skills in a real working environment. They are designed to give learners the opportunity to gain work experience, ensuring that they meet the needs of the job market in their chosen industry when they leave college.

One student, 20-year-old Felix Ray from Cardiff, created a seven foot tall Captain Hook for the New Theatre. He said: “I really enjoyed decorating the theatre – I’m in the second year of my course and I did it with the College last year as well. It’s lovely having a live brief, especially one that so many people will get to see and enjoy.

“This is absolutely help with my course – I want to go on with further education and this brief will help me get used to the professional aspect of art work.”

Morgan Jones, 17 and from Cardiff, created ‘Punky Window Fairies’ that can be seen on the stairs of the theatre. Morgan was also involved in dressing the New Theatre for last year’s panto.

“I absolutely adore Peter Pan,” she said. “I’ve always loved it and I’ve always wanted to fly away with Peter Pan and Tink to Neverland. That’s why I made the fairies – I can’t fly so the fairies compensate for it.

“It’s been fun and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s great that so many people will get to see it.”

Peter Pan will run at the New Theatre until 8th January.