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18 June 2013

CAVC students capture Everyone's Future

Photography students from Cardiff and Vale College have had their work featured in an exhibition that combats negative perceptions of elderly people.

The students took part in the Everyone’s Future project as part of their Welsh Baccalaureate. Everyone’s Future is a Big Lottery funded project developed between Age Concern Cardiff, the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Vibe Experience.

They took part in a workshop designed to get them thinking about negative stereotyping of older and younger people. The students discussed whether the terms ASBO, chav or grumpy and vulnerable are really justified and the affect they can have on different age groups. They also took part in a group discussion about age discrimination and how this can affect people when looking for employment.

The Photography students were then challenged to capture different generations in pictures – but in a way that was different from how those age groups are usually portrayed. The photos were then used in an exhibition at the College’s Aberdare House site and will continue to be used in the marketing of the Everyone’s Future initiative. The students’ work will also be shown at a special event in the Wales Millennium Centre on June 23.

Age Equality Worker, Louise David, said: “It was great to see the students’ photographs. The photographs really broke the mould. Older people were photographed beautifully with really happy images and enjoying activities which we sometime just associate with younger people, such as playing on the xBox.

“What was even more special is that the younger people had to go out into their community and talk to older people to get them involved in the project. For most of the students it was a chance to get to know people in their community who they would not have spoken to before.”

The students enjoyed taking part in Everyone’s Future, which they found rewarding and thought provoking.

Paige Wills said: “This Project made me think about how you see older people and younger people and how they are stereotyped. I’ve realised how we can all change how we see people.”

Bryony Crossley explained: “This Project has made me have more respect for older people and I’ve realised that younger people can be very mature.”

Rhiannon Williams said: “This Project has given me the chance to challenge the stereotypes of older people and to think differently about younger people.”

Becky Gardner said: “I now think differently about older people and I’ve learnt not to judge them.”

Bethan Mathews added: “I really enjoyed doing this project. I now understand a lot more about Age Concern. I even met an older lady who does sky diving!”

CAVC Photography Course Tutor Paul Appleby said: I thought the project was really good - it was an interesting challenge for the students which took them out of their comfort zone and made them approach people from the community that they would not normally speak to. As a result they produced work that was refreshingly different from the other work that they had produced in the extended diploma.

“The project was a benefit to the students and to the course as a whole as it managed to shake things up a bit and some good work was produced. I hope that the students have gained some confidence from this project, to go out and to approach people and take photographs within the community. This is a skill that is important to photography and not easily learned so hopefully this will have helped them with this.”

The exhibition was a great success and some of the photographs will be used as in the marketing of the Everyone’s Future project which is great for the students’ CVs. Louise is looking forward to return to the College next year to bring new learners into the project.