CAVC student Tom gets Fire Service work experience

4 December 2014

CAVC student Tom achieves burning ambition with Fire Service work experience

A Cardiff and Vale College student got a taste of his dream job recently when the College arranged for him to do work experience with the Fire Service at Cardiff Airport.

Public Services Level 3 student Tom Wiltshire gained the work experience as part of his course. The 17-year-old from Cardiff spent a week working with fire fighters at the Rhoose airport.

“I was there for five days and I spent about six to seven hours at the airport each day,” Tom explained. “They had loads of stuff for me to do – spent my first day on the White Shift and I was introduced to the fire engines, then Tuesday and Wednesday I was on the Blue Shift and the Red Shift for the rest of the week.

“I also went to the fire training yard where they set fire to their practice plane and showed me. I learned a great deal more about the Fire Service and their different roles at the airport than I knew originally – they took me on jobs like bird patrols and clearing the runways and I didn’t know that they did that. It was a great experience.”

Tom studies Public Services at CAVC because he eventually wants to progress into a career in the Fire Service.

“I’ve always wanted to work in the Fire Service, ever since I was a little boy,” Tom explained. “This work experience and my College course are helping me to achieve that, and I get to go on a lot of cool assignments.”