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13 November 2012

CAVC hosts meeting to discuss latest developments in education for people with Specific Learning Difficulties

Cardiff and Vale College hosted a meeting this week where teachers from across Wales heard the results of the latest research in the field of education for people with Specific Learning Difficulties.

The Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties members (PATOSS) meet and share knowledge of developments in the field of Specific Learning Difficulties for example dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia and personal experience of helpful working practices. 

Local Groups are a vibrant part of the PATOSS network and as such the South Wales/De Cymru group holds a termly meeting.

Cardiff and Vale College hosted a meeting on the 7th November in the Parade Hall which was attended by teachers and lecturers from further and higher education in Wales.

Dr Margaret Meehan BA (OU), BSc, MA(Ed), MSc, PhD, AMBDA (FE/HE), APC, MRSC CChem shared some of the results of her current research on ‘Welsh, Dyslexia and Multilingualism’. This examined how the assessment of bilingual learners needs to consider

the impact that a Welsh medium education has on the dyslexic student and the difficulties they may then encounter in FE/HE. The development of a standardised Welsh medium attainment test for post 16 students was also explored. 

Her second paper focused on ‘Dyslexia and Entrepreneurship’ where the ability to grasp the big picture, persistence, and creativity were highlighted as entrepreneurial traits of many dyslexics. Both research papers stimulated a good deal of helpful discussion.

Spreading an understanding of SpLD to the wider audience of other professionals who will encounter SpLD in the course of their work is of great importance, as is learning from those who work in related fields. As attendees travel up to 100 miles to meetings, we aim to provide free CPD events, which are open to interested professionals and those have an interest in SpLD.

Staff of the hosting institutions are warmly invited to attend these events. If you are interested in attending future events please contact Pam Spence at spence_p@cavc.ac.uk