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4 July 2014

CAVC and CBI host business breakfast to highlight the importance of apprenticeships

The cream of Cardiff’s financial and professional services industry recently attended an event showcasing the work of Further Education institutions in this strongly developing field.

The business breakfast, at the St David’s Hotel and Spa, also highlighted the work of the National Skills Academy for Financial Skills (NSAFS). The event was co-hosted by the CBI Wales and Cardiff and Vale College, which is key partner of the NSAFS in Wales as one of only three colleges in the country to run accredited financial industry training courses and apprenticeships in this growing area.

Speakers included CBI UK Director of Competitive Markets Matthew Fell, who discussed growing financial confidence in the UK and the vibrancy of the financial services sector in Wales, which employs more than 50,000 people and provides 8% of GDP. Christopher Nott, Capital Law Managing Partner and Chair of the Welsh Government’s Financial and Professional Services Panel, talked about the strength of the sector.

“We are also incredibly strong when it comes to Further Education,” Mr Nott added. “You only have to look at this positive event today, and look at Cardiff and Vale College’s new building near this hotel, to witness that.”

NSAFS Executive Director Nigel Benton spoke about the work that the academy was carrying out in partnership with CAVC to ensure that the skills are in place for Cardiff’s Financial Enterprise Zone. The College and Academy will work together to enable employers to have a one-stop shop for their training and education needs, he said.

“It’s important that we have a pool of knowledge and I know that Cardiff and Vale College is working very, very hard at that,” Mr Benton explained. “If, in industry, you want a widget then you go to a widget factory. If you want talent then you want to be able to go to a factory that makes talent and that is what the College does.”

Mr Benton also talked about the financial and professional services apprenticeships that CAVC offers and their importance to the sector. “We have barely scratched the surface when it comes to apprenticeships,” he said. “There is case study after case study that proves that they work and I urge everyone to take them up.”

Cardiff and Vale College offers apprenticeship courses in financial services. If you are interested in an apprenticeship in one of the fastest growing business sectors in Wales, call 030 30 30 10 10, visit www.cavc.ac.uk or email info@cavc.ac.uk