Travel and Tourism students take flight at ICAT

10 December 2014

Career plans take flight for CAVC Travel and Tourism students

The Travel and Tourism and Aircraft Engineering departments at Cardiff and Vale College have joined forces to give students a fuller insight into the airline and airport industry.

Travel and Tourism students from the College’s Trowbridge campus have been shown around its International Centre for Aerospace Training (ICAT), which is based at Cardiff Airport. Aircraft Engineering students and their tutors Head of Aero Ian Cowell and Robert Ridguard gave the Level 1, 2 and 3 Travel and Tourism students were given guided tours of the different aircraft on site, including the Boeing 737 fuselage that has become a ‘classroom in the sky’ for training budding cabin crew.

Travel and Tourism Tutor Alexandra Robinson was able to use her experience to demonstrate cabin crew work to the students during the visit. They used the fuselage to carry out health and safety demonstrations. Fellow Travel and Tourism Lecturer Julianne Lowes gave presentations on employability.

“ICAT learners also came into the classroom to tell us about the degree programmes and various other courses run within the College,” Travel and Tourism Lecturer Katy Wilmer said. “It was a really good showcase of the resources that are available at ICAT and the opportunities for students to progress. We also had a visit to Cardiff Airport which involved a tour and a chat with members of staff to discuss employment opportunities.”

One of the students who took part in the visit was Rahma Abdi. Rahma was initially unsure of what do to when her course finished, but the trip to ICAT convinced her that a career in the Travel Industry is the one for her.

“It has inspired me to change career path as I now want to have a career in the airline industry,” Rahma said. “This was down to my visit to ICAT and Cardiff Airport and having the opportunity to speak to various people on courses at ICAT and those who are already working in the Travel and Tourism Industry.”