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30 November 2011

Cardiff and Vale Skills Shop helping boost business in Wales

A retail training centre in Cardiff has been named as key to boosting retail businesses in Wales.

Cardiff and Vale Skills Shop, which is based at Cardiff and Vale College, was officially welcomed as a member of the National Skills Academy for Retail; a network of skills shops designed to improve productivity for retail businesses and their staff, through training.

Cardiff and Vale College forms part of the new network of skills shops in Wales, organised by the National Skills Academy for Retail and part funded by Welsh Government’s Sector Priorities Fund Pilot, plus additional support from the European Social Fund (ESF). It offers retailers of all sizes and their employees training opportunities including Apprenticeships, management training and bespoke programmes as well as advice for those wanting to get into the sector.

Through training and qualifications, retailers can develop their staff’s potential to make businesses more productive and profitable and ensure the continued growth of the sector. This is especially important as the Welsh retail sector currently employs 139,000 people, accounting for around 10% of total employment.

Staff from the Cardiff and Vale Skills Shop attended the launch of the National Skills Academy for Retail at the largest shopping centre in Wales, St David’s in Cardiff, with keynote speaker, Jeff Cuthbert, AM Deputy Minister of Skills for the Welsh Government.

Deputy Minister for Skills, Jeff Cuthbert said: “Retail is hugely important to the Welsh economy. Its growth and sustainability is dependent on building a well-skilled workforce and attracting new, ambitious people to drive the sector forward in the future. The National Skills Academy for Retail’s skills shops will work as champions for the sector, promoting the variety of opportunities within the industry and working with retailers to ensure continuous career development of staff.”

Fiona Tierney, Manager of the Cardiff and Vale Skills Shop which is based at Cardiff and Vale College, said: “As part of the National Skills Academy for Retail, we give all employers and employees in and around Cardiff and South Wales access to first class training in a modern learning environment. Training concentrates on developing the skills their business needs, which ultimately leads to a better skilled workforce benefiting business and the local economy as a whole.”

Jane Rexworthy, Head of the National Skills Academy for Retail, said:  “We are excited to launch the National Skills Academy for Retail in Wales and welcome the Cardiff and Vale Skills Shop. This is a huge achievement for the organisation to be able to offer all retailers and their employees in Wales our services. Each of our skills shops provides a valuable service to their area’s residents, businesses and communities.

“These are challenging times for retailers. It is more important than ever to run efficient and productive businesses. To continue the success of our retail industry, we need to ensure the workforce has the right skills. From honing customer service to creating the wow factor with visual merchandising, our network helps retailers be as successful and profitable as they can be.”


Left to Right: Fiona Tierney, Cardiff and Vale Skills
Shop Manager and Denise Olander, Business and
Professional Faculty Manager