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25 March 2014

Cardiff and Vale College students volunteer to help flood victims

A student from Cardiff and Vale College has put his studies to one side to help out people hit by the severe flooding that took place in the West Country earlier this year.

Nineteen-year-old Ahmed Naseer gave up several weekends to go down to Somerset to assist victims of the flooding. He worked with local businesses and the community to help arrange the donation of 500 blankets and a thousand water bottles to people affected by floods.

 “I do a lot of work for charity,” Ahmed, a Level 1 Business Administration student, said. “I’m involved with the Muslim Youth League and whenever there’s a need they email me.

“My community came together and we all donated. We collected money and were able to donate 500 blankets and a thousand water bottles. For the first two weeks we went down daily but now when they need help they email us and we do what we can. I called all my friends and they came to help. We were laying tracks and working on riverbanks.”

One of his fellow Business Administration students, 17-year-old Sylvester Becmer, joined him in helping out: “Ahmed called me to ask if I would like to come and help them out so I did because the people in the areas Somerset affected by the floods needed help.”