(l-r) Carlos Indjai; Zach Cleary; Hendrix dos Santos

Cardiff and Vale College students to represent Wales in football

5 December 2014

Cardiff and Vale College students to represent Wales in football

Students from Cardiff and Vale College are representing Wales at football, having been selected for the Wales Learning Difficulty National Squad programme.

Hendrix dos Santos and Carlos Indjai have both attended a recent Wales LD national squad training camp and Carlos has played two international matches so far this season. Art student Hendrix, 18 and from Cardiff, joined the camp after his recent, early performances for the College’s Football Squad.

Twenty-year-old Carlos, a Travel and Tourism learner, also took part in the camp and has represented CAVC FEDS for the past two seasons.

Former CAVC student and Welsh International Zach Cleary is also a member of the Wales Learning Difficulty National Squad programme. Zach played for the College FEDS for three years and won Player of the Year each of those years.

Grant Kalahar, Director of Cardiff and Vale College’s Football Academy, said: "I am very proud of Hendrix dos Santos' progress in a short space of time - his inclusion in the Wales LD national squad program is thoroughly deserved and he is in great company with fellow CAVC student Carlos Indjai and our former student Zach Cleary. 

“I identified Hendrix as a potentially talented player in his first training session with us and after his application he improved quickly to a point where it was easy to recommend him to the national squad staff. Zach and Carlos have been fantastic servants to Wales so far in their careers and it was a pleasure to help them develop and become world class players in their competitions program.

“The three lads access a training, conditioning and performance education programme at Dragon Park (the FAW's national training centre that was opened by UEFA president Michel Platini a few years ago after incredible work by Kevin Moon to build it) that I can vouch for as world class after spending several years setting up the squad and leading as head coach/manger before coming to CAVC this year. 

“The opportunity complements our training program at CAVC seamlessly – we share a philosophy of individual specific learning, holistic player development and the prevention of cumulative fatigue."

Hendrix dos Santos said: “It is an amazing thing that the College has done for me – not just the chance to play for Wales but I also got to meet some lovely people and make good friends. I felt proud playing for Wales and proud coming from Cardiff and Vale College. Over all it was an amazing day for me.”

“Being at Cardiff and Vale College has allowed me to grow as an individual and learn new stuff every day,” Carlos Indjai said. “It’s a great college with great members of staff – they are all supportive and make sure you enjoy your time at college.

“I am delighted to be able to represent my country. It’s giving me new opportunities as it is opening new doors for me to become a professional player. I am honoured to play for Wales and will keep working hard to achieve my goals with my football life and with my education too. Thank you to all of the members of staff at the College that have supported me.”

Zach Cleary added: "My time at College was really good as I had top class lecturers and class mates! I was proud to represent the College football team for three years. Representing Wales is an honour and thanks to everyone that has helped me along the way."