CAVC students have an app for that

13 March 2015

Cardiff and Vale College students have an app for that

Students at Cardiff and Vale College have been given training and advice on how to set up and market their own smartphone apps.

Enterprise education expert Rich Strudwick and coding specialist Craig Thomas have held a series of workshops for students. First they had to come up with ideas for apps, then Craig helped them create the apps and final workshop was held to investigate selling the apps and creating a market for them.

“It’s great – the students have been really engaged,” Rich Strudwick said. “It’s a good blend, using skills picked up in college and applying them to real life situations. We have Business Studies and IT students working together in way that they might not normally get the opportunity to do.” 

Some of the ideas the students had could be developed into commercial products, Rich added.

“I’ve been really impressed – the students have been very thorough and achieved a lot in quite a short time,” Craig Thomas added. “They are working from idea to prototype and possible to commercial reality.”

Level 3 Software Development Sam Phillips said: “The skills I have gained here will help me complete my course.”

Naomi Baelz, an IT (Business) student from Barry, added: “The best part was discussing product ideas and getting feedback on how to make it better.”

“Learning how to make a high fidelity prototype was very useful,” Jeremy Aquinaldo, a Software Development student from Penarth, said.

Abbas Iqbal, another Software Development student, said: “The best part was planning and creating a prototype and planning the way forward.”

The workshops were part of the College’s B#Epic programme, a series of extra-curricular fun activities designed to boost students’ skills while equipping them with the qualities needed for the workplace.