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4 June 2013

Cardiff and Vale College student Shanice’s website proves to be a big hit

A Cardiff and Vale College student has seen her website achieve an incredible 320,000 hits since she set it up less than two months ago.

Shanice Bevan is studying for a Foundation Degree in Popular Music Technologies. The 20-year-old from Rumney set up a website as part of the course and uses it to promote her music and highlight upcoming shows.

Mark Matthews, Course Co-ordinator Music Technology at CAVC, said: “One of the course modules is career development and as part of that we get the students to build their own web sites and use them to repackage their music portfolios.

“Shanice built her own website and in just over six weeks she has had around 320,000 hits. That’s really not bad at all for a student who has only just set up their own site and it could really help lead to success in her music career. Shanice is an excellent student and shows a real professionalism.”

Shanice: “I was really nervous at first – I’ve never tried to create a website before but it’s definitely something I would like to do again, I might build a bigger website. My sister has created a website so I had some experience of the software we used. This website is based around me so it’s all pink and snazzy. I made sure it was accessible and easy to get around – there’s nothing worse than going on to a website and not being able to find where anything is.

“I’ve found the amount of hits I’ve has been overwhelming. It’s been mad. I’ve been on social networking sites as well to promote it – I decided to blog it everywhere. I woke up the next morning and it had gone from 30 hits to 9,000 and I screamed the house down!

“My marketing strategy was to approach people who are into the same kind of music as me. I’m a big fan of Demi Lovato so I went on her website and posted a comment that if you like Demi’s music you might like mine. The response has been overwhelming.”

Shanice will now go on to do the final year of her three-year foundation degree course at the University of South Wales’ Atrium campus in Cardiff. Then she will focus on a career in the music industry.

“I want to get into the music industry and I don’t want to do it by going on TV talent shows. I want to record my own material,” she explained. “College has really made me more confident and the people I have met here have all been amazing. Not just in terms of the music but I’ve made some real friends as well. I work with some of the guys on the music technology side and they’re great – we will continue to work together and all this experience will help me get into the industry.”

Shanice’s website can be viewed here: http://5hanice.weebly.com/