Cardiff and Vale College student A-Jay is a UK Kudo champion

27 February 2015

Cardiff and Vale College student A-Jay is a UK Kudo champion

At Cardiff and Vale College student A-Jay Harrhy’s first attempt at entering the UK Junior Kudo Championships he managed the impressive feat of coming second.

Seventeen-year-old A-Jay from Sully, who is a Vocational Access student at CAVC, has been a keen participant in martial arts since the age of six. Despite it being the first time either he or a Welsh team has entered the competition, he was able to battle his way to net the trophy for second place.

Kudo is a martial arts system that takes striking techniques from Kickboxing and Karate and grappling techniques from Judo and Ju Jitsu.

“Kudo involves head-butting, elbow, knees, kicks, stand-up fighting, throwing, grappling on the floor,” A-Jay said. “It’s very physical.”

A-Jay was happy to win his trophy but reckons he will do better next time as he felt he could do better next time. “I am going to carry on with Kudo and take part in more championships,” he said.

“The competition was tiring; your adrenalin is constantly going,” A-Jay added. “You’ve got to have so much courage just going on to the mat knowing that your head is going to get punched but it was worth it in the end!”

A-Jay has also recently been chosen to play for Cardiff and Vale College’s new Football Academy.