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18 February 2013

Cardiff and Vale College Graphic Design students filter out the facts about tobacco and smoking

Graphic Design students at Cardiff and Vale College have joined up with a new campaign to educate young people in Wales about issues relating to tobacco and smoking.

The College has linked up with ASH Wales and its new project The Filter, which is the first quit smoking advice and support service dedicated to people aged 11 to 25 in Wales.

The Filter linked with Graphic Design Lecturer Lauren Davies and asked her students to produce artwork and T-shirts that will be seen nationally. Filter representatives came to the College so that the second year students could talk through their designs, some of which the Filter will choose and circulate.

“Through our work with The Filter Cardiff and Vale College is actively supporting healthier lifestyles, which fits in with the College’s commitment to promoting the wellbeing of both students and staff,” Lauren said. “The students have all been very keen to get involved and some of them are now looking forward to going along to The Filter’s base in Cardiff and working on their up and coming campaigns.”

Having seen all the designs and spoken with the students, The Filter has chosen to go further with three designs.

The winning designer was Marcus James and his ‘Why gamble with your life?’ theme complete with dice featuring some of the physical and health effects of smoking. Emilio Evangelista cam second with a stark warning to pregnant smokers with his cutaway design showing an embryo being consumed by smoke, and Alex Williams came third with an image of a cigarette packet that bleeds.

Sophie Paterson, Social Media and Web Manager at ASH Wales, said: “I’ve been really impressed by the high standard and innovative ideas that the students have come up with. Some of the designs are a bit ‘doom and gloom’ but the students have been thinking outside of the box and covered quite a lot of important issues. It’s really good.”

ASH Wales Social Media and Web Information Officer Emily Cole added: “The designs are brilliant and they are all very stylised and modern. The T-shirts are not in your face; they are subtle enough to be worn and get their message across as well.”