(l-r) Public Services Lecturer, Cadet Commander and Legion Captain (Acting) Tom Jones, Legion Potential Officer (Training) Tom Clancy, Legion Major Steve Jennings, Legion Sergeant (Training) Andrew Greenway and CAVC Head of Sports, Public Services and Academies James Young 

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2 February 2017

Cardiff and Vale College cadets join forces with the Gryphon Squadron

Cardiff and Vale College has entered into a unique partnership with the Gryphon Squadron in a move that will give its cadet division a much wider range of experiences that no other Welsh college can offer.

Cardiff and Vale College Cadet Division – the CAVDETS – was established to give students the opportunity to gain experiences and industry-recognised qualifications in areas such as leadership, land navigation, medical aid, survival skills, career planning and voluntary work. Qualifications include Level 2 Award for Young Leaders, Level 1 Introduction to First Aid, Level 1 Customer Service Skills and Level 1 Fire Safety and plans are in place to offer BTEC and ILM qualifications.

“CAVDETS aims to provide an enrichment experience for students that offers an insight into the professions of the public services through education, experience, respect and integrity,” CAVC Public Services Lecturer and Cadet Commander Tom Jones said. “That is why it is so exciting to have the involvement of the Gryphon Squadron and their support – this isn’t happening anywhere else in Wales.”

Gryphon Squadron is a non-profit part of the Legion of Frontiersmen and provides training to its squadrons. Led by ex-military personnel, it offers community support in times of need such as flooding.

CAVDETS will be sponsored by the Gryphon Squadron LOF. Cadets will earn the right to wear the cap badge of the Legion of Frontiersmen upon completion of basic training.

Gryphon Squadron Legion Major Steve Jennings said: “We do a lot of charity work and work to support the community and work to help the youth of today progress forward. As an ex-service man I believe we should be doing a lot more for young people – it’s easy to do them down but everyone has potential.

“We will provide sponsorship and I will come down to the College twice year to keep an eye on how everyone is doing and to see the cadets’ parades.”

While Gryphon Squadron will provide support, CAVDETS aims to be more than a military experience. Other organisations that support the cadets include South Wales Police, Welsh Ambulance Service, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, British Red Cross, British Heart Foundation, Maritime Coast Guard Agency, RNLI and Safeguard Armour.

If you would like more information about CAVDETS contact Tom Jones via tjones@cavc.ac.uk