Cardiff and Vale College builds links with Bangladesh

29 October 2014

Cardiff and Vale College builds links with Bangladesh

Cardiff and Vale College is taking part in a programme to forge closer links between education institutions in South Wales and Bangladesh.

Deputy Head of Entrepreneurship, Employability and Enrichment Tess Kadach is travelling out to Sylhet, Bangladesh, to promote entrepreneurship in teaching. The visit is part of the Cardiff and Sylhet Partnership under the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms programme.

The Partnership, organised by Cardiff Councillor Ali Ahmed and International School Linking Co-ordinator Emily Day, involves a delegation of representatives from South Welsh businesses and schools visiting Bangladesh. CAVC is the only college that is taking part and has been partnered with Noorjahan Women’s College.

“This will give students in Sylhet the opportunity to meet a tutor from Wales and learn about CAVC and its culture of entrepreneurial learning,” Tess explained. “Noorjahan Women’s College has about 1,600 students while CAVC has more than 20,000, so there will be some interesting differences in the way we do things.”

Tess is taking a Welsh slate plaque with her to present to the College. The plaque has been made by Timber Thinkers, a company organised and run by CAVC students that produces carved products to raise money for Welsh armed forces veterans. She has also taken the gift of ceramics made by Spencer Penn, a Foundation Degree student from Penarth.

Back in Wales, Tess will give a presentation to students to help inform them about life in Bangladesh and deepen their understanding of education in different cultures. Discussions are also under way about building links between families from the Bangladeshi community and the family engagement programmes in place in many Welsh schools and colleges.

“The inclusion of people from the Bangladeshi business community in Wales will help pupils and students identify inspirational role models,” Tess added. “And we can explain how we concentrate on creating an entrepreneurial mindset in our students so that they can leave CAVC ready for the world of work.”

A reciprocal visit from Sylhet to South Wales where CAVC students will have the chance to meet and interview teachers is planned for March 2015.