CAVC Brickwork students are a year ahead

10 November 2015

Cardiff and Vale College Brickwork students are a year ahead

Brickwork students at Cardiff and Vale College are one year ahead of their courses already – and the first full term hasn’t even finished yet.

As part of the College’s drive to ensure students are employable and have the skills employers need, Level 2 Brickwork students have been given Level 3 work to do on top of their course. This extra work includes the sort of decorative brickwork, such as building archways, which employers in the construction industry want from their workforce.

Trowel Trades Lecturer Chris Bridgeman said: “Some of the jobs they’re doing haven’t really challenging them enough so we wanted to give them the skills they will need when they go into the industry. The quality of the work they’ve been doing has been pretty good and it’s been good to see them challenge themselves.”

Fellow Trowel Trades Lecturer Paul Sebburn added: “We’re trying to push them and it keeps the students interested. These are the skills they will need when they go into the industry.

“There’s such a demand for bricklayers at the moment so we are trying to push them so they have the skills to get out there and get employed straight away. We want our students to be industry ready when they leave, not just qualified.”

Student Daniel Muratore said: “The course is fun; it’s challenging but I really like it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get straight into a job or an apprenticeship in bricklaying after this course.”