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7 February 2013

Cardiff and Vale College Art students push the boundaries in Cardiff Bay

Art students from Cardiff and Vale College are displaying their work and polishing their entrepreneurial skills at an exhibition in a Cardiff Bay art centre.

Four Ceramics students and one Graphic Design student have arranged and organised the Boundaries exhibition, which will run in Craft in the Bay until March 3. Foundation Degree students Aimee Cattle, Alice Wiegold, Craig Webber, Donna Leach and Rachel Mulqueen all have their work on show in Craft in the Bay’s Oriel 2.

“We have a space called Oriel 2 which is used to promote students and give them the opportunity to show their work,” Craft in the Bay Manager Simon Burgess explained. “It’s part of our charitable aim to educate people through the medium of craft and give young art workers the chance to show their art.”

The exhibition was also an opportunity for the Foundation Degree students to put into practice the entrepreneurship module of their course. The course intends to ensure the next generation of arts and craft workers have business brains as well as creative skills.

“The students had to work as a team to get the

exhibition set up, including how the work would be displayed,” Course Leader for Foundation Degrees in Art and Ceramics Billy Adams said. “They had to think about promoting the exhibition and designed their own marketing materials. The students also had to price their work and now they are selling it.”

One of the students, Alice Wiegold, has already sold one of her ceramic pieces and has been told she is more than welcome to bring another piece down to Craft in the Bay to replace it.

Second year Ceramics Foundation Degree student Rachel Mulqueen said: “I was really excited to have my work in Craft in the Bay – it’s a whole new opportunity for me and I’m really grateful for it. I shall look forward to having lots more exhibitions here in the future!”

Craft in the Bay Exhibitions and Education Officer Charlotte Kingston said: “We welcome the opportunity to have the students show their work with us. It’s a fantastic exhibition – the work is really good. It’s important to give young people the chance to show their work and we look forward to showing them again. We hope to show the work of the College’s students as part of a regular programme.”