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6 October 2011

Cardiff and Vale College A Level students raise money to send 7 year old Gambian to school

Students on the A2 Intensive course at Cardiff and Vale College are organising and hosting 'A Night of Music for Africa', a live charity concert, in collaboration with the Cardiff & District Soroptimist International Club, as part of their Welsh Baccalaureate. The concert will take place in the Parade Hall of Cardiff and Vale College, 27 The Parade, on Friday 14th October 2011 at 7:30pm.

The A2 Intensive course at Cardiff and Vale College gives students the opportunity to achieve four A Levels and the Welsh Baccalaureate over two years' study. Course tutor Anthony Houlston-Clark said, The skills that the students are learning and developing will not only benefit them now, but in the future. The students will be using this exercise to claim working with others and problem solving key skills, as well as their entrepreneurial activity. It is also an example of using these skills in real life situations that they can put on their university application forms.  

Kotu Trust is a registered charity that sponsors children in The Gambia, giving them the chance of an education which their families are unable to afford. The A2 Intensive students of Cardiff and Vale College are sponsoring one child in particular, 7-year-old Ba’Ami, and all funds raised at the concert will go towards her education. Ba’Ami watches every morning as her best friend gets on the school bus for a day of learning, while she has to stay at home as her family can’t afford to pay the school fees. Less than £2,000 can secure a child’s education in The Gambia until the age of eighteen. 

17 year old A2 Intensive student, Paige Murray, from Penylan said, “Being at Cardiff and Vale College has given me so many new opportunities. Just one of the many opportunities I have been given is our fundraising event which I am proud to say I took part in as I have been able to work with others to help someone less fortunate than ourselves.

I hope that as a group we will be able to change Ba’Ami’s life for the better. We sometimes take for granted how lucky we are to have an education so easily provided for us in this country and unfortunately there are children out there who don’t get it provided for them as easily as we do, just like Ba’Ami.

Kotu Trust founders Cathy Grove, President of Soroptimist International Cardiff & District, and Barbara Connell, Media Studies lecturer at Cardiff and Vale College, have been working closely with the A2 Intensive students. The nine students are also receiving support from other students at the College and members of Soroptimist International with the presentation of the event.

Cathy Grove, Kotu Trust founder and President of Soroptimist International Cardiff & District, said, The concert's going to be a great evening and the Cardiff and Vale College students have worked really hard to make it happen - they are very committed to giving a little African girl the chance of an education. They've developed a lot of useful life skills and I've certainly enjoyed mentoring them.

The students plan to invite college staff, professionals, and members of the public to the event on Friday 14st October 2011. Tickets are £12 each (including a complimentary drink). To purchase tickets please e-mail your name and number of tickets to: kotuconcert@hotmail.com