From Brazil to the Bay - Karol comes to CAVC

26 February 2016

From Brazil to the Bay - competition winner comes to CAVC to improve her English

The winner of a competition to promote studying English has travelled all the way from Brazil to the Bay to study at Cardiff and Vale College.

Karol Cavalcante was one winner among millions of potential competitors of the English is Great competition in her native Brazil. Winners win short scholarships at English language centres across the UK.

“I’m a musician so I made a video in which I sang and explained why I should be able to come here and what English means to me,” Karol explained. “It was very exciting and it’s very exciting to be here – it’s my first time outside of Brazil.”

Karol spent a week in an English for International Students (EIS) course at CAVC’s City Centre Campus on Dumballs Road, then a week in another school in west Wales, before travelling to Llangollen as part of her prize.

“My classmates here at Cardiff and Vale College are for the most part Spanish and it’s interesting to listen to the different accents,” Karol said. “It is a challenge for me but they when they heard I was from Brazil they all wanted to know so much about my country and culture and they are very kind.”

During her stay, Karol has been staying with a local family. “My host father is from India and my host mother is French so I have been having contact with a lot of other cultures while I am here,” she said. “It’s wonderful to find out about other parts of the world here in Cardiff.

“Wales is wonderful. Everything is wonderful; every place I have visited has been amazing. I love Wales – I even love the weather.”

The English is Great campaign and competition is organised by English UK, the national association of English language centres. English UK sees Brazil as a priority market that is supported by significant government funding.