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19 November 2010

Barry College and Coleg Glan Hafren will transform into Cardiff and Vale College by August 2011

In September 2010, Barry College and Coleg Glan Hafren agreed to merge to create an innovative new college by August 2011. This week it was announced that the name for one of the largest and most exciting FE colleges in Wales will be Cardiff and Vale College.

Following the agreement to merge, one of the first decisions to be made was to establish a name for the new college. The steering group for the new college, made up of representatives from the Governing Bodies and Senior Management Teams of Barry College and Coleg Glan Hafren, as well as representatives from the Welsh Assembly Government, decided on a formal consultation process for the name. This consultation provided all stakeholders, from staff and students of both colleges, to key external stakeholders and the general public, the opportunity to contribute ideas and views to inform the decision.

During October, staff and students of both colleges and external stakeholders were invited to suggest a name for the new college – a process that generated over 300 suggestions. From this list three were shortlisted – Cardiff and Vale College, Capital College or New College.  

The final shortlisting process, to decide on one name out of the three, generated responses from staff, students and a broad range of stakeholders including AMs, MPs, Welsh Assembly Government, Local Councils (Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan), Colegau Cymru, Universities, key local colleges, Vale Learning & Skills Partnership, Cardiff Metropolitan Learning Conference, Cardiff Community Learning Network, Estyn, secondary schools, NTFW (National Training Federation Wales), Cardiff & Co, CBI Wales and Chambers of Commerce.  A number of useful views were contributed and the clear preference for Cardiff and Vale College emerged, with 64% of the stakeholders supporting that name.

Following this stakeholder consultation, both Governing Bodies of Coleg Glan Hafren and Barry College reviewed the feedback and in consultation with the Welsh Assembly Government, decided that the new college to be created in August 2011 would be called Cardiff and Vale College or Coleg Caerdydd a’r Fro in Welsh.


Jacquie Turnbull and Peter Cope, Chairs of Coleg Glan Hafren’s and Barry College’s Governing Bodies respectively, said in a joint statement, “The new college name needed to engender our vision of transforming education and training across the capital region, while remaining true to the successful heritage of both colleges. For decades Coleg Glan Hafren and Barry College have been at the forefront of serving learners and employers from across Cardiff and the Vale. We thought it essential that the name placed the College firmly on the map of Wales and gave a clear signal to learners and employers in the region that we are their college. Now that our vision has a name – a name that our staff and key stakeholders have championed – we will be working together to ensure Cardiff & Vale College lives up to its billing as the college for the whole capital region when it opens its doors to students in September 2011’”

Work on the merger now steps up a gear with the appointment of a Shadow Board, the development of a new logo and brand, the harmonisation of processes and services and the appointment of a new Principal to head the new college.

Staff and unions of both colleges are being kept fully informed about developments during the whole process through online information, meetings and discussions relating to the merger.  Existing and potential students, employer contacts and partners including Local Authorities, schools, universities and Sector Skills Councils are also being kept up to date on all developments through both College websites and direct contact where appropriate.

‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and updates will also be available on both Colleges’ websites - and .