New website for ATA South East Wales City Region

15 March 2016

Apprenticeship Training Agency South East Wales City Region launches new website – growing skills across the region

Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) South East Wales City Region has today launched its new website on the same day as the Cardiff City Deal signing hits the news.

ATA is an independent company established and owned by Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) with the aim of growing apprenticeship opportunities across the South East Wales City Region.

ATA will provide a low-risk, supportive solution for employers to grow their workforce by hiring an apprentice. It will support the prospects of individuals and communities, grow employer workforces and bolster the economy of the region by opening doors to apprenticeships with employers and whole sectors that have previously not considered them. This will include the city's micro-businesses and SMEs in a wide range of sectors as well as larger organisations in previously untapped non-traditional apprenticeship sectors that are a priority for the growth of the region.

To achieve this ATA will work with employers to remove the hassle and barriers that may be associated with them hiring an apprentice - offering a service to advertise, select, recruit and employ an apprentice. It will provide a wrap-around support service and a high quality apprenticeship experience for both the apprentice and employer. As part of this it will also offer 'shared apprenticeships' where employers share an apprentice - ensuring the experience is viable for employers and the apprentice gains the breadth of experience to achieve their full apprenticeship programme. 

Cardiff and Vale College is already one of the leading apprenticeship providers in Wales - selected by the Welsh Government as a lead contractor to manage and deliver apprenticeship training across the country. The College worked with an established network of partners to support apprenticeships in around 1,000 employers of all sizes across the region. 

CAVC Principal and Chief Executive, Mike James said: “Cardiff and Vale College has established Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) South East Wales City Region to grow apprenticeship opportunities across the region - supporting prosperous communities and the economy of South East Wales.  It will be a truly demand-led, employer focused commercial company with a real emphasis on the Welsh Government priority sector areas and those highlighted by the Learning, Skills and Innovation Partnership for the South East Wales Region.

“This apprenticeship training agency model is one that has been established and successful across the border in locations such as Manchester and Sheffield, cities that have also benefitted from City Deals such as the one proposed for the Cardiff City Region. We are proud to be leading the development of this innovative model for the region in collaboration with the Welsh Government, local government and employers.”

The new website launches today. Employers can find out more about how Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) South East Wales City Region can benefit them and register their interest in finding out more about hiring an apprentice.

To read about the launch of Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) South East Wales City Region last week and the support for it from Julie James, Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology and Cllr Phil Bale, Leader of Cardiff City Council click here.