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10 March 2016

Apprenticeship agency launched to support growth of Welsh businesses

Employment prospects for hundreds of young people in South Wales have been given a boost today [10.03.16] with the launch of a unique organisation that will support businesses to train and recruit the right people with the right skills.

Apprenticeship Training Agency [ATA] South East Wales City Region, an independent commercial company owned by Cardiff and Vale College, will offer employers a low risk solution to filling their skills gaps and growing their workforce by acting as a broker; connecting them with talented and aspiring apprentices.

The hassle-free solution for employers will provide a high quality apprenticeship experience for both the apprentice and the employer; creating long term careers for talented and skilful individuals whilst removing the day to day responsibilities of training and recruiting apprentices from employers.

From advertising posts, shortlisting candidates and managing HR procedures to managing payroll, training and assessment schedules and performance reviews, ATA will provide a fully comprehensive service for any employer hiring an apprentice.

Mike James, Principal and Chief Executive of Cardiff and Vale College said;

“Cardiff and Vale College has established Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) South East Wales City Region to support the training and recruitment needs of businesses in the Cardiff City Region. It will be a truly demand-led, employer focused commercial company with a real emphasis on the Welsh Government priority sector areas and those highlighted by the Learning, Skills and Innovation Partnership for the South East Wales Region. ATA will increase apprenticeship opportunities across a wide range of sectors, working with all employers and with a real focus on sectors that have not traditionally engaged with apprenticeships, along with start-ups, micro-businesses and SMEs who may have felt unable to engage before. ATA will aim to remove the risks and barriers historically associated with these previously untapped sectors and the city’s smaller companies offering apprenticeships. This will include supporting shared apprenticeship models to enable all employers to create meaningful opportunities within their organisations.”

“This apprenticeship training agency model is one that has been established and successful across the border in locations such as Manchester and Sheffield, cities that have also benefitted from City Deals such as the one proposed for the Cardiff City Region. We are proud to be leading the development of this innovative model for the region in collaboration with the Welsh Government, local government and employers.”

Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology, Julie James said:

“Apprenticeships really are a win-win for all parties. The individual gains valuable skills, qualifications and experience of the workplace while employers benefit from enthusiastic, motivated workers. Meanwhile the wider Welsh economy gets a sustained boost from a more skilled workforce.  This self funded venture will bring employers and apprentices together to deliver sustained employment outcomes which can only help all of us to continue to experience the many advantages that apprenticeships have to offer.”

City of Cardiff Council Leader, Phil Bale, said:

“The launch of Apprenticeship Training Agency [ATA] South East Wales City Region is good news for the region. Better education and skills for all is a priority for the council. Cardiff is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and a highly-skilled workforce is an essential part of this future growth. The City Deal for the Cardiff Capital Region will bring job opportunities to the area, but with that comes challenges. The region’s workforce will only be able to take full advantage of this opportunity if it has been given the right skills. As a city we must rise to the challenge and I want to encourage employers to empower our young people to pursue exciting careers.”

Cardiff and Vale College is already one of the leading providers of apprenticeships in Wales - selected by the Welsh Government as a lead contractor to manage and deliver apprenticeship training across the country - working with an established network of partners to support apprenticeships in almost 1,000 employers of all sizes across the region. The College has successfully piloted elements of the model including supported recruitment and selection with Deloitte’s innovative apprenticeship programme and shared apprenticeships in the creative sector with a range of employers including the Wales Millennium Centre.

Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) South East Wales City Region will open doors for yet more employers and young people to access apprenticeships at Level 2 and 3, benefitting the economy of the region.

Cardiff and Vale College is already engaging with employers that will be the first to run work with the new ATA. If you are an employer that would like to find out more about recruiting an apprentice to help support and grow your business you can register your interest now by emailing apprenticeshipagency@cavc.ac.uk or visiting www.apprenticeshipagency.wales