About Apprenticeships

Have you thought about an Apprenticeship?

The Apprenticeship, Foundation Apprenticeship and Higher Apprenticeship programmes, led by the Welsh Government, are supported by the European Social Fund.

What is an Apprenticeship?


Get qualified through working and training while earning a salary.

As an Apprentice you will need to be employed in the area you want to work in and at the same time will develop your job-specific skills
through a combination of on the job learning and college-based training. As part of your time at work you will develop your professional skills each week, learning from experienced colleagues and hands-on experience in the workplace. Whilst at College, your tutors, who are experts in their field, will provide you with all the necessary training for your sector and you will work towards a nationally recognised qualification. Your employer lets you attend college typically for one to three days per week to gain your required qualifications for that job. It’s the perfect combination!

 Click here to see a full list of apprenticeship options. 

What are the entry requirements for starting an Apprenticeship?

Anyone who is over 16, living in Wales and not in full-time education can apply for an Apprenticeship. You will need to gain employment in the sector you wish to work in before applying to Cardiff and Vale College for your training (see below for details on finding an employer for your apprenticeship). You will also need to undertake an initial assessment in numeracy, literacy and digital literacy.

If you’re already employed, then we can work with you and your employer to arrange an apprenticeship programme suitable for you.


How to apply for an apprenticeship?


Step 1:

Find an Employer -Apprenticeship vacancies are sometimes advertised in the job sections of newspapers. Careers Wales offices also hold lists of Apprenticeship vacancies (Apprenticeship Matching Service AMS) and you can contact them directly.

Find out more here.


Step 2:

Get in touch with us - Contact our Apprenticeships team to discuss if you are eligible for an apprenticeship programme.

Call 01446 748212 or email apprenticeships@cavc.ac.uk to apply for a CAVC Apprenticeship

run at a Cardiff and Vale College site.

You will be required to undertake an Initial Assessment interview ahead of Step 3.

Step 3:

The agreement - You, your employer and the College will agree an apprenticeship programme of learning.


Step 4:

Sign up and Enrol at CAVC – Complete the process by enrolling onto your apprenticeship

training programme and you’re all set.


If you have any questions please contact our Apprenticeships Team on T: 01446 748212 E: apprenticeships@cavc.ac.uk

These programmes are part financed by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. For more information on the funding available, please visit www.wefo.wales.gov.uk or  www.gov.wales/eu-funding.

New Apprenticeships

Cardiff and Vale College Apprenticeships is looking for young people interested in being apprentices in these roles:

  • Live Events and Promotions
  • Cultural Venue Operations

For more information, please see this Creative Apprenticeships flyer or contact apprenticeships@cavc.ac.uk

Creative Apprenticeships enjoy success in Wales.