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5 August 2013

Aimee's artwork is judges' cup of tea

Cardiff and Vale College student Aimee Cattle has won this year’s Cowbridge Art Group Annual Student Prize.

Foundation Degree in Graphic Communications student Aimee was chosen by judges Heather Simmonds and Regine Williams for her “I’m Sorry” poster design highlighting domestic abuse. She was presented with £100 and a certificate by Cowbridge Art Group Exhibitions Organiser Maureen Frost, who donated the prize money.

The 21-year-old from Barry’s work was featured in What’s Your Cup of Tea, CAVC’s Barry Campus Art & Design Summer Exhibition which has featured in Barry Town Hall and the Old Hall Gallery, Cowbridge.

The work of two other students from Barry was highly commended by the judges: Dylan Lewis’ Science Fiction convention poster “Mission to Mars” and Megan Palmer-Wood’s printed photo collage on metal “Memories”.

“The judges stressed the difficulty they had in making the decision due to the high quality of all the work on display,” CAVC Course Tutor Adrian Metcalfe said. “They felt all of the students were worthy of commendation and that the show demonstrated a high level of ability.

“They were particularly impressed by the professionalism of the students in presenting their work and the range of subjects they examined. The exhibition represented the quality of the courses at Cardiff and Vale College and the strength of the teaching team.”